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Airy AntiSpyware
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22 July 2013

Editor's review

In an hyper connected online world where danger lurks at every corner, it is always prudent to protect your system as far as possible. Spyware can emerge from anywhere, be it an innocuous file that you downloaded from the internet or through your chat messenger application or the social network you use. Now if you are looking to ensure the security of your data and your confidential information it would make sense for you to get hold of the versatile Airy Free AntiSpyware 2013.07.07 application. It comes loaded with a set of highly effective functions that are designed to save from stealthy programs looking to keep an eye on you.

The Airy Free AntiSpyware 2013.07.07 on launch displays a deep blue interface with major options placed on the left pane. While typical spyware tools tend to check the presence of a malicious spyware against its signature database, this remarkable tool uses a smart behavioral detection system to identify potential spyware. In addition the application comes with the capacity to manage the startup programs along with process management. It gives you the option to backup your registry and even allows you to fix issues like home page hijacking with your Internet explorer. As compared to other spyware tools of its class it offers a more holistic protection and goes light on your system resources. It also allows you list the programs you trust in a white list and thus avoiding unnecessary alerts. It is also effective against Trojans and can help you negotiate such dormant threats before they can cause any damage.

After using the Airy Free AntiSpyware 2013.07.07, we were able to discover a bunch of suspected applications on our system which we never thought were there. Thus its stellar performance induces us into marking it with a score of four rating points on a scale of 5.

Publisher's description

Download Free AntiSpyware 2013 is the professional anti-spyware. It not only contains traditional spyware library, but also scan and fix unknown spyware with smart system. The realtime protection will automatically monitor spyware suspections. Under the second spyware detecting core, it supports analysising shell spyware. What's more, Airy Free AntiSpywar 2013 supports memory optimization, IE fixing, baleful website interception, system files fixing, registry backup, harddrive scan, system process management and startup management, etc.
Airy Free AntiSpywar 2013 is able to protecting you from thousands of trojans, such online game trojan, IM trojan, shockwave, grey dove, backdoor...
1, Simple & user friendly interface
2, Fasten computer speed with minimum resources of CPU and memory
3, No privacy transferring
More features in Airy Free AntiSpyware 2013
More features in Airy Free AntiSpyware 2013
1, Optimized code for better effect
2, Needs lower resources of CPU and memory
3, Trojan scan and fix become more efficient
4, White list
5, Improved UI
Airy Free AntiSpyware
Airy Free AntiSpyware
Version 2013.07
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